Privacy policy

1) The Papageorgiou Company, which is based in Thessaloniki, is a commercial company, having a presence in the area through a physical store as well as the online store (hereinafter "website").

The "Papageorgiou Company" takes care to ensure that the information and data contained on its website are accurate. The visitor or user of the website is obliged to have carefully read this terms of use. The user who makes use of the website's services is automatically deemed to have unconditionally consented and accepted the present terms of use, which apply to the entire content of the website. Otherwise, he should not make use of the services offered on the website and for any transaction or browsing on it, he bears the sole responsibility without the "Papageorgiou Company" having any responsibility.

2) Access to the website or to the services of the website requires the use of a username and password and/or further information (e.g. E-Mail, First Name, Surname, Company Name, Landline Phone, Mobile Phone, Address, VAT number). The visitor or user is solely responsible for any leakage or arbitrary or illegal use thereof by him or third parties. The above data must always be true, accurate, valid and complete. The visitor or user is responsible for all operations carried out with the Access Code and is required to immediately notify "Papageorgiou Company" of any unauthorized use thereof and of any (even possible) security breach. "Papageorgiou Company" is not responsible for any harm or damage that may arise from the arbitrary or illegal use of the Access Code by third parties, due to its leakage or for any other reason and reserves the right to request the payment of compensation from the visitor or user, in case it suffers any kind of damage from the arbitrary or illegal use of the Access Code as well as to refuse the award of an Access Code or to cancel an awarded code or to terminate the provision of these services to the user in case of violation of these Terms of Use.

3) The visitor or user of the website should make proper use of its services, information and data, refraining from unfair, illegal and abusive actions. The visitor or user is obliged to apply the provisions of the law in relation to the above. In the event of any damage suffered by the "Papageorgiou Company" based on the above, each visitor or user bears sole responsibility for his actions and the "Papageorgiou Company" may claim any compensation or other expense from him. Also, in the event that the "Papageorgiou Company" is involved in any legal battle or is asked to pay any kind of compensation due to the violation of the visitor's or user's obligations provided for in these terms, the visitor or the user will have to compensate the "Company Papageorgiou" from this word.

Any illegal, anti-commercial, unfair and/or abusive use of the website and/or the internet is prohibited, as well as the performance of acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to the "Papageorgiou Company" or to third parties or to affect or endanger the operation of "Papageorgiou Company" or third parties. By way of example and not limitation, the visitor or user shall not use the website for:

– To cause harm to any third party, adult or minor,

– Transmit and/or gain access to content that infringes any third party right or is contrary to the law and good/business ethics.

- Gain access to, rescue, process, alter and in general infringe in any way the personal data, sensitive personal data, movement and location data of other users or third parties, as defined in the provisions of the Regulation

– To use the internet in violation of privacy of communications.

- To endanger the security of "Papageorgiou Company".

Product returns

If for any reason you wish to return any of the products you purchased, you can do so by replacing it with another of equal or greater value by following the instructions below:

Product returns are accepted within 14 working days from the day of receipt of the products and must be accompanied by proof of purchase. In this case, you will only be charged for the cost of returning the product.

Returns are only accepted when you find the product in the same condition in which you received it, i.e. without its packaging being unsealed or tampered with. For this reason, upon delivery of the order, it is advisable to check the condition of the products and the intactness of their packaging, in order to identify any obvious defects (e.g. broken goods, incorrect contents, etc.).

Please note that product returns are not refunded unless they are replaced with other products of equal or lesser value.