Cancellation/Refunds & Withdrawal Policy

The terms of use concern exclusively the rights and obligations of towards the visitors and users of its websites. All users of the pages and services of must read and carefully study the following terms of use and cooperation and declare that they expressly and unconditionally accept them in order to make their purchases in accordance with them. In case of disagreement, they must not use the content and services of The company has the right to modify the terms of use and cooperation at any time without warning. shipping methods

A detailed description as well as high-resolution photos are provided for each product, so that the customer has a complete view of it.
The possibility that the colors of the products in the photos may differ from the actual ones is subject to the internet reader and the resolution characteristics of the user's screen, and the company bears no responsibility.
After the final selection of the product and the desired quantity, send your order. A representative of the company processes your order and informs you about the availability, delivery time and the amount of advance required to complete the order.
In case of ordering a product that is in short supply, you will be informed by phone and further consultation will be made regarding the progress of your order.

The indicated prices of the products include VAT. 24%
The company reserves the right to change product prices at any time without notice. Prices do NOT include shipping costs.
In the event that the price change occurs after you order the product but before you are charged, you will be informed of the change by phone and you will have the right to cancel the order.
Issuance of Receipt and Invoice
You have the right to choose whether the document accompanying your order will be a Retail Sales Receipt or a Sales Invoice.

During the process of completing your order, you will be informed by the company about the availability of the product and then you will be asked to pay the stipulated price. During this time the user has the right to cancel his order. No cancellation of order is accepted after payment of money.

Refunds from the company to the customer are not made after the order has been accepted.

Products can be shipped anywhere within Greek territory, Cyprus and the European Union.
Shipments are made daily except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
The shipping cost is calculated based on the charges of the transport companies mentioned in this section and varies according to the weight of the order and the chosen method of delivery and payment.
The calculation of the shipping cost is not done automatically by our page. In case of a different charge, the company contacts the customer to inform him. You have the right to choose a different shipping method if you are not satisfied with its cost.
The company will make every effort to ship the products within the time frame you have set.
The company is not responsible for delays due to external factors, such as strikes, natural disasters, late suppliers, etc.
Users are responsible for the selection of products and their suitability for their needs.
The company does not provide a guarantee for products which are not manufactured / assembled by itself and which it simply resells.
The products travel on behalf and under the responsibility of the customer and the company bears no responsibility after they have been delivered to a carrier. It is possible to insure the goods with a written order and exit of the buyer.

Exchange - Return of Products

In case the customer wishes to change or return the product he received, he must inform the company within 10 working days from the date of receipt:

- By phone, stating the name of the orderer, the order number and the code of the product he wishes to change or return. Product changes and returns are accepted ONLY if:

-The product is defective

-He received a product in the wrong size than the one he ordered

-He has received a different product from the one he ordered

-If a product is returned that is not found to be defective, it will be sent back to the customer at his own expense. Defective products are replaced with the same or with others from the page based on their availability. Refunds are made ONLY if the product you received is defective and the company is unable to replace it with an identical one.

Αλλαγές – επιστροφές σε προϊόντα που έχουν κατασκευαστεί από την εταιρεία αποκλειστικά για τον συγκεκριμένο πελάτη, ΔΕΝ γίνονται δεκτές. Προϊόντα που έχουν αγοραστεί με έκπτωση ή προσφορά δεν αλλάζονται – επιστρέφονται.

Necessary conditions to accept changes - returns are:

-The product must be in exactly the same condition it was in when purchased, new and unused.

- The packaging of the product must not be damaged.

Shipping costs in case of wrong product are borne by our company. In case of product exchange - return, shipping costs are borne by the customer. If the returned product does not meet the above conditions, it is returned to the customer at his own expense.

This contract is governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Thessaloniki are competent to resolve any disputes arising from it.

During the process of completing the order, the customer is asked to provide personal information and data which are collected and processed by the company exclusively for the safe completion of the transaction. undertakes not to disclose personal information and data to third parties for any reason, with the exception of cases where this is required by law or based on a court decision.

Copyright The company is the sole and exclusive owner of all the copyrights of the content of the website (Graphics, photographs, trademarks and designs) which are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law and International Conventions (International Legislation Concerning the Protection of Intellectual Rights). Any kind of copying, reproduction, distribution, transfer of the content of this website for commercial or other purposes is prohibited. It is stated that violators will be prosecuted.

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Shipments are made in the following ways:


ΕΛΤΑ courier

Delivery Lina

Shipping company of your choice


ΕΛΤΑ courier

Transport company of your choice

Courier εταιρεία της δικής σας επιλογής

The payment of the order can be made in the following ways:
Cash on delivery to ELTA COURIER
Bank account deposit

For orders over €50, an advance payment of 30% of the total amount of the order is required.
It is necessary to send the proof of payment, which MUST include your full name as a reason, with:
-E-mail :